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There are various opportunities for food and beverage manufacturers to utilise heat pumps and thermal batteries to decarbonise their processes and improve energy productivity.

The most economically attractive applications occur where heat pumps can be used to upgrade heat from waste streams and/or capture latent heat, (like waste water, hot humid air (e.g. from dryers), condenser heat from refrigeration systems), and where simultaneous heating and cooling duties can be delivered.

Typical applications of high temperature heat pumps in food and beverage manufacturing:

• Food drying and washing processes, where the heat pump cool side captures latent heat in the exhaust stream as well as sensible heat to provide hot, dry inlet air, water or steam at the required temperature;

• Heating process or cleaning water by upgrading waste heat from a waste heat stream or a refrigeration system; and,

• Pasteurisation where the heat pump may provide heating and cooling duties to displace steam.

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